First Impressions Last


How important is your image to your business?  What about your brand?  For those who deliver ‘face to face’ service to their clients, your image IS your brand!

So, what does your current image / branding say about you?  Does it accurately represent your business and the message that you’re hoping to convey to potential clients?  If not, what’s the potential detriment to your business?

What about perceptions?  Don’t forget... first impressions last!

Is your branding consistent across your entire marketing campaign?

How do you market? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, business cards, webpage, email signature?

What about your printed marketing materials?  Are your current marketing images properly formatted for use across all of these platforms?

And let’s not forget your personal profiles that may also be seen online by potential clients.  Are you dating?  What does your dating profile image look like?

Eboni Bennett - 030218 - Paul Tadday Photography - social media - 7.jpg
CHARLENE HARVEY - 150218 - Paul Tadday Photography - sm - 18.jpg

Take control of your branding and make sure it represents who you are, your values, your personality, your identity, your emotional appeal to potential clients.


Use professional photography to cover all of your bases.  Have your images formatted in several sizes and crops to cover every aspect of your marketing campaign.  Take a professional approach.  Attract the clients that you want to attract.  Get that all-important edge over the competition.

To build a personal brand takes time and effort, but it’s worth it.  As we do more and more business in a visual space the need for a striking personal branding plan will continue to grow.  No one can take your brand away from you.  It should empower you and encourage those around you to sit up and take notice!

If you think it’s time to review your personal and professional branding take the time to find the right assistance.  A second pair of eyes is crucial and engaging the right pair of eyes even more so.

It doesn’t matter if all you need is a single headshot or a full suite of images to accompany your marketing strategy.  Paul Tadday Photography can help you review your branding requirements and how you need them delivered.

Branding packages with Paul Tadday Photography can include simple headshots, or I can create you a complete bespoke package, providing fully formatted images for all of your marketing requirements.  This may include Facebook banners, social media profiles (Instagram, LinkedIn, etc), webpages, blog images and all other aspects of your marketing campaign.

Packages start at $500 for 3 fully edited digital images (high and low resolution / colour and black and white versions provided).

(complimentary hair and makeup included if required)

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