Live in Melbourne - prince bandroom 


Queensrÿche has been one of my favourite bands ever since I first saw the video for “Queen of the Reich” on Rock Arena in 1984. Being a massive Iron Maiden fan already, once I heard Geoff Tate’s soaring vocal and the melodic twin guitar riffage and solos of Michael Wilton and Chris DeGarmo, I was hooked!

Fast forward to 2016 and Todd LaTorre is the man with the mic, while Parker Lundgren has become a stable axe partner for ‘Whip’ Wilton. The band tore up the stage in Melbourne, this being my fourth time witnessing the band live!

The cherry on top was that this time I was a rock photographer WITH a photo accreditation for AMNplify! It was an absolute dream come true to, not only meet the band, but to photograph their performance!

So THIS is the result - Queensrÿche at full bore, in your face (well mine actually)… Make sure to scroll through the entire gallery to see my video of the band’s seminal anthem “Queen of the Reich”.

Take Hold!